FAQ’s and Expectations.

Our Business Expectations:

  • Content Expectations:  Content Orders usually come to us within 7 days once written.  We only use level 4 Textbroker content.  While we appreciate that you may have a writer that’s cheaper, this is our policy to protect the integrity of our network.  There are no exceptions.
  • Timeframe Expectations:  Single Posts usually get written and posted within a week.  Package posts take slightly longer depending on the volume of the order, and can take two weeks to receive the content back and schedule out your posting depending on your volume and scheduling.  If you are buying a bulk package and have questions about timelines and link velocity, please contact us by hitting the button at the bottom of the page.
  • Refund Policy:  Due to high demand, we do not offer refunds at this time for any of our single post packages.  ***IF you are an SEO agency looking at bulk packages, we can structure a trial period, but please contact us directly by clicking the button below for more details.***

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is PA and DA?  These are Moz’s metrics that judge the authority and power of the domain you are linking from.  Estimates can be said that a DA 40 domain is equivalent to 5 links coming from 5 sites with a DA of 30.
  2. Why do you use DA as your price metric and not PA?  PA is a great metric – WHILE your post is on the homepage.  DA is important because that’s the appropriate Domain Authority for your overall domain when your pages roll into the archives.  Weaker DA’s mean your links will hold less juice as they roll.
  3. Do you guarantee search engine rank improvements?  No – We do not guarantee rankings or rank increases by using our packages.  Rank increases are dependent on many things, including your niche.  We can comfortably say however, that out of every one of our customers so far, there hasn’t been one cancellation or unsatisfied client.
  4. Will you provide me with the URL’s before I purchase?  No – but only because we are protecting the integrity of our network.  Compromising a site is not worth compromising the trust level of all of our clients.  We are working on a demo site that will have just enough content so you can see the quality of our sites.  You will receive the URL’s after your postings go up so you can review your links and your content.
  5. Are you located in the US?  Yes – we are a US based organization here at LV and we plan to keep it that way.  As of this time, all of our content posting is handled by US based employees and we do not have any VA’s handling the menial tasks because we believe in satisfied clients.
  6. Are your sites on Separate Class C IP’s?  Yes – we use various hosting providers and our sites are on separate Class C IP’s.  We do not use hosting companies specifically known as “SEO” hosting companies.
  7. Do you really handle all the content?  Yes – we do this to make your posts relevant to the site and to ensure that our content matches the quality of our sites.
  8. Will I share the sites with other people?  Yes – Many of these sites are posted to regularly, but you will have at least 30 days of home page link juice.
  9. Are you guys really Vikings?  Yes – We are all of Nordic descent, and let’s face it, Vikings are cool.

If we haven’t answered any of your questions, and you are curious about our policies, please feel free to reach out to us by E-mail at any time.  Please understand that we are extremely busy fulfilling orders, and we will do our best to reach out to you within 24 hours.  For bulk packages, custom pricing packages, as well as SEO agency pricing, please E-mail us with your Skype ID and we will connect with you on Skype as soon as possible if that is your preferred method of contact.  If you forgot to include your referral source or your URL’s and/or anchor text with your order, feel free to contact us through the button on our support page so our support team can review your request.

Custom Packages and Pricing

Whether you are an SEO Agency or a small time niche site builder, we have packages that we can work out within your budget.  Contact us today for custom package pricing if none of our base packages meet your needs.

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