770 Viking

High PageRank

Unique Collection of PR1 to PR5 sites.  Pricing is based on Moz’s Domain Authority.  Our DA ranges from 20-50 and PA 29 to 55+.

Budget Packages

We offer 4 basic packages and can also create customized packages based upon your competition and budget.

Unique Class C IP's

With over 400 Unique IP’s and growing, our network of sites will provide you with the IP Diversity you need.

Trusted Sites

All of our sites are vetted for spam and have a variety of LRD’s which provide a natural looking backlink profile.

The Fenrir Package

Best Value For Niche Sites
  • 10 Home Page Posts
  • Average DA of 20+
  • Average PA of 35
  • TF/CF Above 14 Minimum
  • Budget Friendly Subscription
  • Perfect For Small Niche Sites
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The Thor Package

Serious SEO Package
  • 10 Home Page Posts
  • Average DA of 30
  • Average PA of 40
  • Posts Stay On Site
  • Recurring Subscription
  • Higher PA Sites Than Fenrir
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The Odin Package

SEO Agency Pricing
  • SEO Agency Packages
  • Average DA of 40
  • Free Trials Available
  • Exclusive Networks Available
  • Bulk Discounts Available
  • Competitive Pricing
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Custom Packages and Pricing

Whether you are an SEO Agency or a small time niche site builder, we have packages that we can work out within your budget.  Contact us today for custom package pricing.

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